Mentoring, Teambuilding and Coaching

What is mentoring?

When you choose Think Differently you will be working with Maggy who is a trained mentor – and a mentor is  an experienced and trusted advisor.

It can lead to greater success for the individual and the team.

What is team building?

Team building is a series of tasks and activites that enhance social relations and define roles within the team. It is a collaborative process and is as such a group activity to encourage bonding and development.

There are several approaches to doing this but the workshop Think Differently offers is based on identifying each team members strengths and weaknesses and plotting where the team is deficient so that all people can contribute to the whole- team effectively and find solutions to filling the gaps.

What is coaching?

This is a form of development where learners are supported in achieving persona or professional goals. This is achieved by using a coach who has knowledge of the process as well as the variety of skills and techniques that are appropriate to the context in which the coaching takes place.

To discuss your requirements and needs of your team please get in touch.

Simply the best

“I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Maggy as a professional supervisor from her very beginning as a Counsellor, and so I have been able to view the development of her career throughout. 

She has always impressed me with her deeply caring approach to her clients, backed up by diligence and skill, self-motivated learning and a very high ethical standard. If a personal friend or member of my family were to need counselling, I would not hesitate to recommend Maggy’s care.

Mr Paul Hunt Clinical Psychologist

Increased sense of personal worth

"The benefits of supervision are well recognised to be an essential part of reflective therapy to ensure good practice for the counsellor. Margaret has not only been essential in ensuring that I have felt supported in this, but has provided emotional support as well as information and guidance that has greatly increased my sense of personal worth and I feel has benefitted my counselling work."

Cath Thomas  practicing counsellor and supervisee

Highly recommended

“Thoughtful and professional delivery.

Excellent concise instruction as ever from a talented and insightful mentor.

Mindfulness allows me the opportunity to distract myself when I experience overwhelming anxiety.

Julia Ellis 

Very approachable and sound advice

“I met Maggy last year at a networking event and found her to be very approachable, we got chatty and within minutes I felt so comfortable with her that I found myself telling her somethings that I wouldn’t generally tell anyone except on a need to know basis.

She listened and gave me some very sound advice which has stayed with me since. I would certainly recommend her for Counselling & Psychotherapy.”

Pippa Mell