This year has heralded a collaboration with Lincolnshire Healthcare Training.

I have formed an informal link with Mick Connon, an experienced CPN and trainer to deliver Mental Health First Aid training. This has three different levels and is ideal to raise awareness of mental health either for individuals or organisations. it is accredited by Nuco and each participant gets a Certificate on completion.

There are many providers of this training currently on the scene but what makes us different is the amount of mental health experience  we have between us as practitioners.we train in a experiential way using real scenarios.

Mick also offers First Aid training other healthcare related training.

Together we have also delivered a course to Cancer Nurse specialists who give palliative and end of life care to patients and the reviews for this were brilliant, one participant saying it was the best course she had ever been on. Praise indeed

To ensure maximum benefit we offer online resources for use during and after the courses and a follow up online support system free of charge. Please get in touch if your team or organisation would like a customised course especially designed to fit your specific requirements.