What’s the difference between TD and TOD?

Yes, an ‘O’ – however there’s more to it than that….

TD is Think Differently
TOD is Therapy On Demand.

Both are offered and delivered by me, Maggy Jackson, but delivered in a different way.

Talking Therapy is what I do.

In this fast moving world there is sometimes a sense of urgency, a need that cannot be stopped due to the demands of a busy life and a momentum to move forward and deal with issues as they arise.

So TODTherapy On Demand, offers short and virtually immediate timely intervention without the need or expectation of a long term commitment. Single session therapy. Of course it is always a possibility to shift , to commit to longer term work too. So maybe TOD gives a short burst of awareness that something doesn’t sit quite right with you and that something can be dealt with quickly, and then once that barrier is removed you can move on. We will work on that as a goal, knowing that TD is there in the background if needed.

To find out how to access TOD please use the form to get in touch – for more info and to arrange booking a TOD appointment.

Hope to see you on the other side where TOD awaits!

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