The film of this name was a famous popular romantic comedy based on some very different relationships. The Characters were all seeking love in some form or other and the theme was their attempts to achieve it. Very entertaining!

We are sucked in to the romantic draw of a day about love.Valentines Day cards, roses , heart shaped chocolates, meals with partner and even pink fizz! Not that I am not a romantic- I am. Especially after getting married last year and finally being with my soul mate. Yet love has many different forms. We love our family, our friends , our pets and sometimes being in beautiful places or surroundings and certain perfumes, fragrances,foods or drinks – indeed chocolate is thought of as an aphrodisiac! It is said to lift our mood and has even been attributed with enhancing the serotonin levels in the brain which gives us the feel good factor.

Yet all the love in the world cannot make up for the need for self care and self esteem. If we don’t love ourselves and care for our physical and mental health, how can we be there for others?

So my focus today is in self care in order for us to be in the best position to love others. Not just today but in the long term. If we do that we will be less irritable, more relaxed and open to a whole new relationship with ourselves, others and the world around us.

How do we care for ourselves? By taking time out in the day to focus solely on ourselves.

This might mean scheduling into our busy lives time to chill, to meditate, to exercise and to experience the simple things in life.Even time to get a good nights sleep! Giving time to spend with family, friends and pets, and time just to reflect and do nothing.we owe it to ourselves to get the work- life balance right.

All of these can be beneficial but it is no good having unfulfilled resolutions to do them. So today of all days give yourself the gift of self care and the permission to set aside time for self every day. Indeed scheduling in a specific time each day on a regular basis.

…so that is Love Actually!