This topic has been in the press and media frequently in the last few months.

Celebrities and royalty all show their support for improving mental health services. There are many campaigns in the limelight. Fantastic – as one in four of us may experience issues related to mental health in our lifetime.

We all know about First Aiders who take care of our physical health in emergency.Training has been available for years. It helps to preserve life until specialised help why not have a similar system to spot and preserve mental health? Well actually there is, and the Government has mooted that by 2020, every business and organisation will have Mental Health First Aiders so what does that entail?

It is very simple. There are three levels of training and they are accessible to all – no experience needed.

You will learn about common mental health problems, how to identify but not diagnose, how to start conversations and then who to refer on to. It is all about trust and sensitive communication .

It is ok to talk and often can be a relief for someone to acknowledge that a person is struggling. The benefits to organisations and businesses are enough- preventing sickness absence, and reducing recur cost but more than anything fulfilling a duty of care to employees.

Don’t be afraid to get involved, to stamp out mental health stigma an learn how to have these vital conversations.

It’s okay to talk!