Out with the Old

New Year often means goals and planning for the next 12 months.

Last year was amazing for Think Differently.

The plans for 2019 are slightly different- consolidation and building on previous successes but also letting go of what doesn’t work. Don’t be afraid to do this. It is not failure to review and realise some things are not meant to be. Filter out those things and fill them with new ideas and plans. In their turn these might not be right but it’s worth a try. No decision is intrinsically right or wrong, just a choice made with the evidence we have at that particular moment in time.

Review of 2018

The year started with a relaunch event which proved to be my way of saying change was imminent.

The new website and rebrand  was all that I hoped for. In addition to that the Mindfulness training for eight weeks allowed people to try to live Mindfully, but also for me to review where Think Differently was going. I developed a range of workshops and events. We tackled GDPR and set up Mailchimp – all really just a means to an end.

I attended “Unleash your Awesome” and walked on glass!  I went to numerous networking events and made new colleagues. I presented short talks on Back out or Burnout and Developing Resilience – all topics close to my heart.

My clinical supervisor retired and I searched for a new one eventually settling for someone who can teach me so much as a move forward. I left my NHS role as Staff Counsellor, where I had supported staff for over ten years, to devote all my time to private practice focussing on EMDR for Trauma, and tele therapy. My revamped office and counselling room has given a very safe space for client work both face to face and virtually.


In with the New – 2019

So what does 2019 mean at Think Differently? It will bring new initiatives as well as consolidating old ones. A revamp of the training and workshops I offer. A move towards more collaborative working with fellow professionals, and an emphasis on stamping out the stigma of mental health.

Personally this means taking the Mental Health First Aider training early in the year, then progressing to delivery of these courses as a trainer. It focuses all my beliefs into a programme that will assist all small businesses to support their staff and identify mental health issues quickly, signposting staff to the most appropriate support for them.

Whatever 2019 brings it means that I am ready. The question I ask you is: are you ready to Think Differently?

Please get in touch if you are, and together we can make the New Year a time of change. There is a great deal that is positive about change – let’s embrace it together.

A peaceful and prosperous year to all