For me this is the way to success. Getting the balance right between work and home.

If this balance is not right we are constantly battling with priorities. It’s easy to become obsessed with the tasks which become the processes that lead to getting our lives in order. So we lose sight of what is really important- living life to the full.

We strive to get our “ducks in a row” and lose sight of the true meaning of life. We aim to enjoy life’s rich tapestry yet often get bogged down by tasks. These actually stand in the way of that ultimate achievement.

So if you try to work SMARTER not longer, the achievement becomes less focused on tasks and more about finding time to enjoy what is there, right here, right now.

How many of us recognise this dilemma? I myself have been guilty of slipping back into that pattern – where the tasks become the goal rather than the means to an end.

Take time to stand back and recognise that all we have in reality visa this moment, right now. Enjoy the moment and try to stop being so goal focused.

A new way of being?