There are three ways of reacting to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic: • Accepting • Suffering • Resisting

Where are you with this?

I alternate between the three depending on what happens during the day or the week. However, in the main I believe accepting is probably the best way to survive it. Blame, guilt, regret and fear do very little. Adapting to the current situation seems to be the key to survival. But also planning for the future may be the key to a better future. It also gives a sense of control where there is very little in the present moment.

Where would you like to be moving forward?

The option of back to normal may be a little unrealistic. It may not be possible, or even desirable. Actually, living life at a slower pace might be suiting you better and it certainly seems to be affecting the physical environment and nature. So, what about finding a new normal? It is more proactive than simply not thinking about it.

What is standing in the way of where you would like to be?
  • Fear?
  • Bad feelings and emotions?
  • Being stuck?
  • Anxiety and stress?
  • A reluctance to think differently?
  • Stubbornness, bitterness and resentment?
  • Life isn’t fair?
  • Lack of vision, meaning, purpose?

There is an alternative view. Why not look at Existential Growth post trauma?

As Nietzsche postulated – What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Victor Frankl talked of a way to meaning.

  • Experiential values: what we take from the world.
  • Creative values: what we give to the world.
  • Attitudinal values: the way we deal with suffering.

This includes:

  • Learning to be alive in another way – appreciating the world.
  • Having one’s own creativity- making the most of one’s abilities.
  • What one gives to others and using creativity.
  • Any bad things that happen can create different reactions and attitudes.

By shifting attitudes, you can change the experience. This is the basis of Phenomenology – looking at things from different sides, over and over again.

Life is beautiful, it’s a beautiful world

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